Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here world, have confusion...

I felt I should break the silence of my blog with something. Sadly I cannot be bothered writing much, but I just wrote an interesting poem to distill my thoughts at the moment...


Stupidly I think,
Giving further food to silly thoughts that plague me
And drain me,
To become like a cake that forgets to rise.
I’ve made them a few times.

Every day these thoughts return,
Accost my mind and turn my eyes
To see things that aren’t there.
Disappointed when I compare
All this with wishful thinking.

Yet in these dreams
My heart sets sail
To catch the wind of what could be,
Pulling me to places
I wouldn’t dare normally.

Enjoy the ride.
Enjoy the scenes.
Enjoy the sound of
My heart beat
On the verge of something different.
Why can’t I stop and listen?

But if I can’t still
These currents beneath
I need not fight their tow,
For if I float on stormy dreams
That take me past new futures seen
Then maybe I will find some peace
Despite not knowing where they lead
And despite stupidity.