Sunday, June 27, 2004

Words on a page

Along the same lines as the last post, I thought I'd share a little bunch of lines I thought of while in the car - well, the first two stanzas anyway (there's a word from English at school). I wrote them down to remember - but obviously not while I was driving - it was while I was stopped at traffic lights.

Just to explain it a little. It's all about service, love, humility, and how God uses the broken people - not those who build themselves up to be something.

Words on a page

Is this all I am?
The words on a page,
Empty letters from an empty name
Crowding white-space, just to say
Is this all I am?
The sum of my abilities to summon praise,
Creating nothing, to captivate.

Why toil and struggle
For ashes to burn into rubble,
Turn myself inside out of this muddle
And find nothing,
If this is all I am.

Why raise myself only to crash to the ground,
Find myself hollow, and cringe at the sound,
The echo of silent words on a page,
Written in days seldom wet
by drops of honest love?

No, for above lies more than empty space.
And of myself, I hold nothing
But the priceless spring of Salvation gained

Though I am nothing more than rubble,
A Living Stone, I'll not forget;
On the lowest ground the Water flows,
And in broken rock the fountain springs,
          Through humble words,
          on an empty page


michelle said...

yay! that means God will use me =)

I'll never forget Vicki D'Orazzio speaking at Get Smart 2 years ago, on earthen vessels. And how God uses the weakest in the strongest ways =) Our cup of milk does count!


Kelly said...

Wow. Do you write much poetry? That was really... raw. Especially the first bit. Nice.

incognito said...

Kelly, not sure whether "raw" is a compliment or not =). No, don't write much poetry at all, but I write plenty of lyrics and if you can write lyrics you can write poetry. I consider myself songwriter, though, not a poet.

Kelly said...

So sing it to me!

incognito said...

It's a poem... =) I don't write poems much. But this is one. So I can't sing it to you =) Sorry.

Jessi said...

Woo another kindred spirit! Do you keep a lyric book? I keep a lyric book :) I have a dictophone which I take around with me so I can hum tunes that pop into my head or catchy lyrical phrases :)
Awesome poetry! ~_~ Love the imagery. Some of my song-lyrics are really just poems because I never ended up writing music for them. The majority of my songs I tend to write the words first. Sometimes at the same time as the music...
The traffic light must have been red for awhile ;) *grins*