Thursday, July 08, 2004

Futile evangelism

Here's a thought I had today: Back in the Old Testament, several cities and nations turned away from God. God got angry at them, and sometimes told them to change their ways. When they didn't, He often either destroyed them or deserted them.

Have a think about our nation - those who have rejected God. Surely, we can all agree that many people in this land have and continue to reject God. So if God is unchanging in character (no necessarily in thoughts toward us, for they depend on our actions - as in all relationships), why would his reaction be any different to that of old? Obivously, He is not destroying NZ - perhaps for the sake of His people here. But surely He is angry at those who have rejected Him? Surely He could turn away from those who reject Him, just as He did back then, because they tell Him to go away.

So, if God has turned away from someone - will He be with us if we try and save those people? If God knows that they have rejected Him - and continue to reject Him, I have found in my life God does not force His way in.

Perhaps then, it would be more worthwhile praying that God would show grace and favour to such people before going out in our own strength to try and throw words at them (see previous post). If their hearts are hardened - we cannot be doing much good. Our evangelism could be futile.

But of course, to completely throw my previous argument, we are the empowered servants of God. Brothers of Christ himself. So when we show favour to someone, in a sense we are being the hands of God and thus giving them the favour of God. Nevertheless, this was an interesting thought I had today.

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