Sunday, August 01, 2004

Cajz - the one to carry you

That's right, I've just finished the final mastering of this much-

anticipated and long-overdue album I recorded several summers ago
on a crusty machine with a microphone held together by
shrink-wrap... =) But, this album sounds pretty alright IMHO - and
exceptionally good considering the equipment.

Cajz - short for casual - has a laid back cafe-type background
style with hints of jazz, latin, and flamenco guitar. For some really
out-of-date info about Cajz, visit a very out of date site kindly
hosted by my overseas friend Aaron here. It's the first album I
have recorded, mixed, mastered, etc etc so of course there's room
for improvement and my upcoming ones will be much better - but
nevertheless, it's a rare classic... the beginning.

We need about $2000 to make a run of 500 to give to friends,
family, and to hopefully sell a few to people who we can
persuade =) This is a fair bit of cash, so unless people buy
them we can't make them. We could just release the album via
the net - but most people like the bells and whistles of having the
case. So, we though we could sell some to recoup the cost and
perhaps make the album less of a financial failure. I think we'd
sell these to the general public who can afford at $20 each and
to friends who also can afford at $15. The price will not be below
$15 for anyone so don't get ideas - here's why...

IF we can sell them ALL, we'll probably have optimistic maximum
sales of about $7000. Subtract manufacturing costs of $2000 and
divide by the 3 of us in the band and you wind up with $1666 each.
This hardly makes the 3 months+ work on this album worthwhile.
If you think $15 is unreasonable then you can go try making your
own album and see what you'd like to charge for it...

We hoping to sell a few in church - maybe at $20 minimum
donation each. Unfortunately it's not cheap to create music.
Naturally, the proceeds will all go to helping me make more music.

Speaking of which, this week will see the dawn of a new era...
Finally, I'm starting on the next album, "read between the lines".
And subsequent albums, "tangent", "something more" and "live
to serve", in no particular order. In reality I won't get all four
of these recorded and so I'll probably boil the four albums down
to only three... and of course I will probably run out of time.
I think I like 'something more' better than 'tangent' anyway.
"Live to serve" is an album of blatently Christian stuff, while the
others just have Christian spirit and faith-influenced lyrics.

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Fraser Dron said...

I'll buy one! Although I've only listened to it once, in the background :P (Man I overuse that smiley!) So you have four entire albums written, without forseeably being able to make them all? Thats nuts (but in a good way)... you're a regular George Lucas, minus the weird puppets and about 40 kilos.

Kelly said...

Far out you groover!
I am so in! I love cafe music, and all the other stuff you were saying sounds brilliant. It's so great that you've got this talent and this opportunity to mess with it, even if you don't get it all recorded you've still done more than a lot of people ever get the chance to, and I'm your #1 fan! :D

Jessi said...

I am SO jealous :P *grins*

Hey, remember I work in a music store. I'd be happy to sell them under-the-counter for you, if you so desire :D I'll totally push it for ya- I'll even put it on the recommended wall!...

Although I would like to hear it first! *grins* :) I'd LOVE to hear your stuff!!!! ~_~

Nathan said...

I would also welcome an oppurtunity to hear some of your stuff.

Philotas said...

THat actually sounds really cool!
im wondering do you accept paypal? money order? :)

PaulieB said...

Yay! Congratulations!

I'll buy one, if I don't it's because I'm a poor student not for any other reason! I like the cover :)

Anonymous said...

so are you doing more music with your band or just on your own?