Sunday, February 27, 2005

The troubled mind

Just sat down and wrote this... I find it helps me collect my thoughts sometimes, I wonder if anyone can relate...

These are the thoughts of a troubled mind
Searching for better fate to find
Wrestling, restless, thoughts inside
A cog in the clockwork hands of time

Questions creeping without relent
Echoing fears of discontent
Shrouded paths are bent astray
With soft lament, ambitions fade

How great the fall of highest dreams
How dizzying the stars
For light, for strength I have no need
But simply a place to start

So scarce to find, are answers gained
And doubts are certainty
But these are nothing in compare
To You being here with me


Christina said...

yup, I can fully relate. You're a good writer ruebz :) nice poetry

Knowledge Seeker said...

What a beautiful poem.

Methinks you need find a woman to write love poems for. :-))

Volenteers, you know who to contact.

As you will most likely delete this when you find it due to the above comment, I'll make a second blog for the other part of my reply.

Knowledge Sensor said...

A most beautiful poem, albiet much the deepness.


What lies behind
And what lies before
Are tiny matters compared
To what lies within.